Duct cleaning has been long debated since its inception. Many people debate the effectiveness of the service. . We have many customers who have been very happy with their duct cleaning and have seen good results. We want to share three benefits of having the air ducts cleaned in your home.

  1. Improve indoor air quality – Your household will experience less allergies and colds after the HVAC ducts cleaning and decontamination. With less dust, mold and other contaminants in the air ducts, there will be less in the air of your home. A bonus from having less dust in your air vents is that you will have less dust in your home for you to clean.
  2. Energy savings – Clearing the air ducts in your home means you’ll have less drag on the heated or cooled air moving from the HVAC unit into your home. It has been measured there’s a loss of 20-40% of wasted energy because of inefficient HVAC systems. Cleaning the ductwork will reduce the wasted energy significantly.
  3. Money savings – This will result in savings of not just energy, but also money as it will cost less to heat and cool your home with more efficient air flow. Many people see a difference in the amount and frequency with which they run their HVAC system in hot and cold weather.

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