Two Outdoor AC Units

The air quality in your home may be less than perfect and you’re looking for ways to improve it. You may find that you have to dust more and more frequently, or find a film of dust too soon after cleaning. This is a sign of poor indoor air quality. here are ways to improve your home’s air quality without too much extra work. Keep your Las Vegas home’s air quality clear of contaminants so you can breathe easy year round with the tips below. As always, you can count on the crew here at J & J Air Duct Cleaning for HVAC system cleaning and air filter replacements — we provide service throughout Las Vegas. Get started by giving us a call!

  • Dust regularly with a damp rag. Don’t use sprays or aerosols as they add to the air pollutants in your home. Don’t avoid cleaning in the corners and under furniture. Allowing dust to build up will aggravate allergies and will cause respiratory irritation. Also, use a HEPA filter in your vacuum cleaner to effectively filter out contaminants in your carpet and on your flooring.
  • If you have pets, that means you have more to clean. There will be hair and dander that will build up in your home, affecting the air quality. To reduce this, groom and bathe your pets regularly and wash their bedding often. Vacuum up any hair daily for best results.
  • Crack your windows to let the air circulate throughout the house. Fresh air from outdoors is helpful in clearing out any toxins and musty smells that build up in the home. If you are cooking, turn on the exhaust fan.
  • Regularly schedule residential air duct cleaning from professionals who will not only clean the ducts but the HVAC unit as well. Usually it’s recommended every three to five years, but for those with respiratory issues, every year is recommended.