From bounding puppies to sleeping kittens, what can warm your heart more than coming home to your furry family member? While it is hard to imagine life without our furry companions, it is also difficult to keep your home clean and your air quality high when pets romp through your home. The good news is that even with pets in your house, you can retain excellent indoor air quality. Here at J & J Air Duct Cleaning & Decontamination, we help countless pet owners keep their homes fresh with residential air duct cleaning here in Las Vegas. Check out these tips for keeping clean air in your home when you own pets and reach out to our team for assistance with your home’s duct cleaning services.

#1: Vacuum and Sweep Daily

The best way to cut down on pet dander in your home, and to reduce allergens from their fur, is to stick to a constant cleaning routine. Make sure that at least once a day you sweep up fur and quickly vacuum carpets. You don’t have to go crazy deep cleaning, but just this simple act of cleaning daily will cut down on how much of the fur winds up in your HVAC system and in the air you breathe. This is particularly true if you own an extra fluffy friend who sheds constantly.

#2: Invest in a Quality Duster

When you own pets, you will quickly notice that dust and fur accumulate on more than just the floors. If you own cats, fur and dander is extremely likely to wind up all over your house — even on the highest of bookshelves and cabinets. Make sure you invest in a quality duster that can reach even the toughest places. Dust a few times a week to cut down on how much debris winds up floating around in the air.

#3: Groom Your Pets Regularly

While keeping your home clean is a good idea for improving your home’s air quality, you can actually go one step further to prevent the fur from entering your home. Make sure you groom your pets regularly to cut down on shedding and dry, flaky skin. You can either groom your pets on your own or take them to a local groomer for assistance. Most professional groomers will provide a deshedding service, which will greatly reduce the amount of fur you find in your home. Make grooming even better for your abode by taking your animal outside to groom!

#4: Schedule Air Duct Cleaning Annually

Finally, we strongly encourage pet owners to have their air ducts and HVAC system cleaned at least once a year. If you have animals that are particularly prone to shedding, you might actually want to increase this to a higher frequency. Our team will be happy to let you know what condition your ducts are currently in to give you an estimate of how often you should schedule cleaning.

Here at J & J Air Duct Cleaning & Decontamination, we provide professional residential duct cleaning services in Las Vegas at rates you can afford. Talk to us about how we can help you ensure your home’s air quality is improved through regular duct cleaning.