Commercial HVAC System and Ducts

As we mentioned in our previous blog, the desert heat is a motivating source for keeping people inside. The hot season reminds us all of the importance of HVAC systems and clean air ducts. When operating your business, temperature control works in tandem with better company operations. J & J is proud to be your source for commercial air duct cleaning expertise and services. We can clear out your ducts and make life much easier for you! HVAC duct cleaning is a useful practice for any business, and in Las Vegas, it couldn’t be truer. As the entertainment capital of the world, Vegas is home to 75 casinos, 15 of which are on the list of the world’s 25 biggest casinos.

The casinos that sit on the strip and populate the skyline are massive entities. Veolia, a world-leading provider of environmental solutions and services, is the current holder of a contract giving them full control of operations at the Venetian Hotel & Casino. With 15 million square feet of space, the Venetian takes the silver as the world’s second largest casino and hotel. As a company specializing in air duct cleaning in Las Vegas, we look at the energy efficiency of such places. Keeping the temperature and air quality up to par in a massive, open structure is a huge job. Hosting for thousands of guests is standard, and having adequate AC and oxygen is mandatory. HVAC systems for these needs to operate on a grand scale, and small issues and inefficiencies can cost truckloads of money!

Whether you need HVAC duct cleaning for your gigantic casino or your home business, J & J has you covered. We also perform inspections of your HVAC system. We check for disconnected ducts, equipment malfunctions, and visible leaks. Our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn’t just stop with a safe, thorough cleaning. J & J also offers solutions for your efficiency needs as well. Contact us today to receive a fast, free quote for your own business. Again, we provide duct cleaning services throughout Las Vegas. Keep cool out there!