Your Yearly Home Maintenance Checklist II

Our list continues! If you missed part I of our yearly home maintenance checklist, we covered air duct cleaning, home weatherproofing, roof inspections, and alarm system maintenance. Now we’re moving on to a few more tasks that you should perform year after year to keep your home secure, comfortable, and beautiful. Here are a few more items to add to your checklist — as provided by J & J Air Duct Cleaning, Las Vegas’ source for air duct cleaning and more!

Air Filter Swap

Your HVAC system has a filtration component that is designed to capture particles in the air that can make your home dirty and your air impure. You should swap out your air filter regularly (or have it cleaned regularly, if you have a permanent filter), to ensure that your home’s air remains breathable.

What to Do

You should have your air filters cleaned or swapped out on regular intervals. Depending on the filter type in your home, you may require service every month to every three months. We can clean and swap out your air filters to ensure that your air quality is at its best. We also provide filtration options that are designed to outperform standard replaceable air filters, capturing more particles and pollutants than those standard filters. If you live here in Vegas, we’d be happy to stop by, inspect your HVAC filter, and tell you the best interval for your filter and your needs.

When to Do It

As we mentioned, filter swaps and cleans should be performed every month to every three months, depending on a few factors. You should be mindful of the quality of your filter, the amount of use of your HVAC system, and your personal needs. If you have sensitivities to airborne allergens, for example, then you’ll have to swap or clean out your air filter more often. We can work with you to understand your personal needs and the demands of your system — just give us a call to get started.


If you have an elaborate landscape, then it’ll require some maintenance throughout the year. That said, lots of folks here in the Las Vegas area have opted to xeriscape their property — which means that you won’t have to do much other than sit back with a glass of lemonade as the cacti bloom. Otherwise, here’s how you can maintain your landscape:

What to Do

You should aerate your lawn (if you have a live grass lawn), fertilize, and trim your trees. Each of these tasks should be performed at specific intervals to ensure that your flora thrives and your landscape looks its best.

When to Do It

You should aerate your lawn once per year to bring nutrients and air to the roots of your grass. Aerating also helps to get rid of thatch that can build up from leaves and lawn clippings. We recommend aerating in the early spring or late fall when it’s not too hot, since aerating can also leave your soil unprotected from that overwhelming Vegas heat.

You should also fertilize your lawn two or three times per year (depending on your soil and the health of your grass). Fertilize in early and late spring as well as fall, if necessary. You can also check the nutrient content and pH-balance of your soil to ensure that it has all of the stuff necessary to support healthy grass.

If you have trees on your property, they may require trimming every few years. Lots of tree species here in Vegas don’t actually need to be trimmed. That said, some shade trees should be trimmed every five years or so to improve the health and encourage new growth for the tree. Consult an arborist if you’re curious about the tree species on your property.

Bathroom Caulking & Grout

If you have tile lining the walls, floors, and perhaps the shower of your bathroom, then you should keep a keen eye on it to prevent any leaks which can damage the drywall behind your tile.

What to Do

Clean the grout of your bathroom tiles often to keep them from decaying prematurely, and replace the caulking around various bathroom fixtures when it has come loose. You can clean the grout of your bathroom with a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and dish soap. Combine half a cup of baking soda with a quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide and a teaspoon of dish soap for an excellent grout cleaner. Apply this solution to the grout throughout your bathroom and let it sit for about five minutes. Then use a scrub brush to clean, and finally rinse and dry your tile and grout surfaces. As for caulking, if you’re inexperienced with using caulk, you can hire a professional to ensure that it looks great and performs as it should.

When to Do It

You should have your grout sealed every one or two years in your shower and high-moisture areas. You should also clean your grout if it ever becomes discolored.

In addition, you should re-caulk your tub and sink about once every five years, or whenever you notice that it is cracked or peeling out of place.

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So far, we’ve covered air duct cleaning, weatherproofing your home, roof inspections, alarm system testing, air filter swaps, landscaping, and bathroom grout and caulking. Next up, we’ll cover HVAC maintenance, power washing, and exterior painting and siding repairs. We hope we’ve helped you to care for your home!

As always, you can count on the crew here at J & J Air Duct Cleaning for HVAC system cleaning and air filter replacements — we provide service throughout Las Vegas. Get started by giving us a call!