Your air conditioner is akin to a best friend during these long summer months. Keeping that cooling operation moving is very important to your health and happiness. J & J Cleaning & Decontamination is your go-to company for air duct cleaning services here in the the Las Vegas area. Our goal is your satisfaction and helping you reside in a clean, cool home is our means of doing so. In the conclusion of this so-called trilogy, we’ll look at two more steps that can go a long ways towards keeping your AC unit happy and healthy.

Evaporator Coils

First, you must gain access to the evaporator coil panel. Making sure once again the power of your HVAC system is off, take off the screws or bolts holding the panel in place. Chances are there will be some foil tape surrounding the panel edges. Take this all out and you’ll have access to your coils. We recommend buying some no-rinse cleaner from your nearby hardware store that specializes in cleaning evaporator coils. Apply this spray directly to the coils. What happens is usually the thick coat of cleaner turning to liquid and rinsing right out of the setup. You should be left with clean, clear looking coils that are no longer bogged down by dirt and mold.

Evaporator Drain

Your AC unit will produce lots of condensation. Excess moisture falls down into your drain. The drain’s purpose is to move liquid and miscellaneous materials out into your house or business’ floor drain to be whisked away. Over time, gunk and organic matter build up in this drain, reducing the drain’s effectiveness. If clogged, that excess water can back up and cause water damage to your setup. We recommend vacuuming this tube when possible to ensure it stays in working order. For additional cleaning, natural agents such as white vinegar can be used to fight the mold and algae that plague these moisture-laden components. Your evaporator drain will usually be the last thing to worry about, up until the point that it fails and causes an unexpected headache.

When professionals are needed for air conditioning duct cleaning, give J & J a call. During the rest of the year, maintenance can be handled by the homeowner or tenant. Adhering to a few simple steps can go the distance towards elongating your AC unit’s lifespan. Don’t leave the comfort of your home to chance! We can clean your air ducts and help your house become both efficient and allergy friendly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!