In our last blog we covered the importance of DIY maintenance for your AC unit. These simple tasks will go a long way toward keeping your house cooler, longer. We here at J & J are your experts in air duct cleaning services for the Las Vegas area. We strive to deliver customer satisfaction through service excellence. When we are not cleaning the air ducts in your home or business, though, you can do your part to keep everything operating smoothly. We’ll continue to look at some tips for maintenance that can help your AC system help you.

Replacing That Filter

The simplest and often most commonly required task you can accomplish in your house is replacing the filter for your HVAC system. Blower filters are relatively inexpensive and should be replaced at least twice a year. Some filters will even recommend that you swap them out every three or four months. Remembering this step is vital! With an old, dirty filter, you will notice several negatives, such as:

  • Reduced air flow. A point of constant reiteration, proper airflow is key to keeping your HVAC system running smoothly. Less air equals less strain which can equal more mechanical issues.
  • Increased energy bills. A dirty filter can cost you in the money department. Your AC unit will have to work harder and thus drain more costly energy from your bank account. Replacing the filter often pays off via your electric bill in a single month!
  • Dirty air ducts. An area we know about, dirty filters means more dirt and allergens will travel through and coat your air ducts. HVAC duct cleaning is what we do, but we do not want to repeatedly stop at one client’s place due to filter inefficiency.

Remember that your house has a filter for your HVAC and that simply swapping out the dirty filters can save you from a multitude of headaches! Neglecting this duty can result in numerous consequences, including dirty air ducts. When you do need air duct cleaning in your Las Vegas home, you can count on us! J & J Cleaning & Decontamination is your source for air duct cleaning solutions. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and breathe in the relief!