Commercial Ducts From HVAC System

Summer is hitting its stride right now. Your air conditioning unit is outside, quietly powering on to deliver comfort to your house or business. As your premier air duct cleaning service company in the Las Vegas area, J & J is dedicated to keeping the air flowing. We are experts in air conditioning duct cleaning and know the workload that accompanies keeping your castle comfortable is sizable. Your AC is the main player in this equation and any complications it suffers leads to you suffering. Utilizing AC maintenance measures can help keep your unit running for a long time. Anytime you decide to work on your air conditioning unit, remember to turn the power off! Beyond turning off your thermometer box inside and the unit off outside the house, make sure the breakers are also flipped to the off position.

  1. Clear the Perimeter: Proper airflow is essential for keeping your fan on track and your condenser clear. During the summer, weeds and debris can build up around the AC unit, hampering its efficiency. Tall grass should also be cut down and kept away from the vents or fins. A couple feet of space on all sides should be adequate for proper airflow. As mentioned before, lack of power and movement can lead to your coils freezing up and stopping the entire cooling operation.
  2. Clean Inside: Once you have taken the screws or tabs off of your AC’s fan, lift it up to gain access to the interior. You may notice a lot of gunk: dirt, leaves, etc. Vacuuming out this area gives a general boost to all aspects of your air conditioning system. If there is moisture associated with the grime, the metals and components of the AC unit will suffer. Visually check to make sure that all parts on the inside are in good condition. Weather and rodents can wreak havoc on sensitive wiring and plugs.
  3. Clean Outside: Typically we suggest using a garden hose to spray the exterior AKA fins of your AC unit. These slots siphon air in and thus will receive a lot of unwanted dust and debris buildup. Make sure to thoroughly — and gently — clean out the exterior walls to aid in airflow.

Following these three steps can aid in reducing the stress on your AC system. In the next section, we’ll look at the steps you can take for maintenance inside the home. This includes the blower unit that powers the comfort of your home. Beyond DIY tasks, J & J Cleaning & Decontamination can help with all of your air duct cleaning needs. New incoming customers also receive ten percent off of their costs. Contact us today to set up an appointment to improve your life — we provide duct cleaning services throughout Las Vegas.