Commercial Air Ducts in Ceiling

Last time we discussed some of the ways that you can improve your home’s air quality. By cleaning your house and your pets regularly, and leaving your shoes at the door, you can begin to create a cleaner, healthier space with better air for the whole family. These, in combination with the following tips and air duct cleaning services by our Las Vegas professionals, will help you and your family to breathe easy throughout the year.

Keep Your Air Circulating

Whether this is by opening a window or turning on your ceiling fans, circulating your air will allow it to pass through your air filters more often and remove more allergens and dust.

Keep Your Air Filters Clean

When your air is circulating more, your filters are gathering more dust, which means that they need to be carefully monitored and changed frequently. Otherwise, you are just circulating the same contaminated air.

Limit Moisture

While this typically isn’t an issue in our Las Vegas climate, mold can still grow in the bathroom, hot tub, or pool areas. Keep the moisture down by using your vents in these areas.

Be Careful About Scents

While so many air fresheners claim to eliminate “odor-causing bacteria” in the air, they also pollute your air with harmful chemicals that you continue to breathe in for hours. Try using diffusers, candles, or vaporizers instead.

Air Purifiers

These are always options for homeowners, but you should talk to a specialist before purchasing one. Consider your room size and budget before buying, and make sure to change the filter frequently.

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