HVAC Technicians Checking AC Unit

The summer heat is on! As your provider for air duct cleaning services in the Las Vegas area, we know how hot it gets here. Having your air conditioner up and running is essential for living comfortably. The average high temp for Las Vegas in August is 103 degrees! When it comes to your home’s daily operations, HVAC duct cleaning can be vital. This one process can make all the difference in your living quality. J & J Cleaning and Decontamination is your source for this goal. But could you really benefit from air duct cleaning services during the hot months? Yes! And here’s how:


Over time, your AC unit accumulates dirt and grime. We open up your air conditioning unit to give it a solid cleaning. Having filthy cooling coils reduces the efficiency of your AC setup. The result of this inefficiency is your unit working harder to accomplish the same job. If your AC cannot keep up with the heavy demand put on it by summer heat, the results could be disastrous! One common consequence is the freezing of your coil. The cold temperatures stay stuck in one spot, causing your unit to freeze up and your house to smell terrible. The result is an excessive strain on your AC unit. Additionally, not cleaning your HVAC components can possibly void manufacturer warranties.


As mentioned in the above paragraph, having a clean system equates to better air efficiency. Not only does cleaning air ducts and coils make for a cooler, more comfortable home, it also saves you money on the bill. If your system is running smoothly, that means it’s hitting your target temp and also running minimally. Less electricity usage means less financial burden; a simple equation and a nice benefit. People can be surprised at how much of a difference one air duct cleaning can make in their energy consumption rates.

Air Quality

Although we have mentioned this aspect in previous blogs, but servicing your air ducts equates to huge bonuses in the cleanliness of the air you breathe. Ducts containing dust, contaminants, and mold should be taken care of in a timely manner to help you breathe easier. We especially recommend our services for those dealing with allergies and asthma!

J & J is your expert source for air duct cleaning services in the Las Vegas area. With 15 years of operation, we are confident we’ll meet and exceed your expectations. Keeping your air conditioning system in top form and your ducts clean is a sure way to beat the heat this summer. Don’t delay, keep your air clean and your HVAC system performing efficiently, call J & J today! Again, we provide duct cleaning services for our neighbors here in Las Vegas.